The Department of Orthopedic manages patient with musculoskeletal conditions such as bone and joint injuries, degenerative joint diseases etc. The department provides a 24 hour trauma service for the hospital, managing all orthopedic trauma and injuries such as fractures and dislocations. It also coordinates the management ad rehabilitation of patients after injury.
  1. Arthritis
  2. Joint swelling or inflammation
  3. Bone tumors
  4. fractures healing in a wrong position Spinal deformities
  5. Fasciitis
  6. Heel pain
  7. Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  8. Fractures
  9. Tendinitis
  10. Bursitis
  11. Ligament tears
  12. Fractures
  13. Spinal deformities
  14. Foot and ankle deformities
  15. Heel spurs
  16. Sesamoiditis
  17. Tendon or ligament injury
  18. Arthritis
  19. Bone deformities
  20. Joint pain and arthritis
  21. Tendon tears

Orthopedic A OPD Days

Name of Depatt: consultant's OPD Room No
Orthopedic Monday,Thursday 81-82-83-84

Orthopedic A Doctors

Contact Us

Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar City Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa

  • Phone:

    091-9211441-45 (5-LINES)

  • Fax: 9211401
  • WebSite: http://www.lrh.gov.pk
  • Skype: lrhmti


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