The Lady Reading Hospitals located at Peshawar in the

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A&E Unit

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Outpatient Department

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Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Head & Neck surgery is unique sub specialty, deals with disorders affecting the Ear, Nose, Throat and Neck. The care of the senses including smell, taste, balance and hearing fall under its domain. As ENT is gateway to human body and any discomfort in it makes the person to seek care for it .Due to its important role it has close relation with other specialties. ENT Department Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, established in 1944. Now it constitute of Male & Female ward each of 24 beds with one Operation Theater, OPD and one procedure room in each ward. ENT staff including a Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, three Senior Registrars, one Junior Registrar, one Senior Medical Officer and one Medical Office.

Services / Procedures


 Major Surgeries

 Emergencies treatment

Mastoidectomies RTA (Road Traffic Accidents
Thyroidectomies BBI (Bomb Blast Injuries)
Laryngectomies FAI (Fire Arm Injuries)
Oesophagectomies FB (Foreign Bodies)
Parotodectomies FB Digestive Tract
Stapedectomies FB Nose
Maxillectomies FB Ears
Myringoplasties Epistaxis
Neck dissection  
ENT Head & Neck Tumors  



ENT, Department Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar provides its services in form of regular.

It is the only ENT unit in this hospital receiving emergencies (24 hours) from Peshawar especially and from whole of the province including Afghanistan. In this unit Junior and senior doctors are available round the clock to provide service to the patients.


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ENT Admit Patients

ENT Unit Patient Data

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